Public Service Announcement 2018-05-13

2018-06-25 UPDATE:

* As of 12.35pm 2018-06-25 Microsoft has closed the "hawkersupplies @ outlook .com" email address. This means no-one should receive unsolicited emails from that email address.

Below is as of 2018-05-13

*** IMPORTANT - MUST READ - SECURITY BREACH of email account - YOU are at risk! ***


* At 2.03pm 2018-07-05 there was a security breach of our "hawkersupplies @ outlook .com" email address.

* Do Not email or respond to emails from the "hawkersupplies @ outlook .com" email address as you will be talking with hackers and NOT our company.

* Our company will never email anyone again from that "hawkersupplies @ outlook .com" email address.

* For secure contact please contact us via www. hawkersupplies .com as our website is https secured.

* Our website was not affected by the security breach.

* Feel free to call any of the phone numbers listed on our website so you know you're dealing with Hawker Supplies Ltd staff.

* We cannot control what the hackers may do, so YOU need to be safe & ensure that you are dealing with Hawker Supplies Ltd & not a hacker / scammer. Please note our bank account info has NOT changed so if you get informed otherwise you are talking to a hacker / scammer.


At 2.03pm 2018-07-05 there was a security breach of our "hawkersupplies @ outlook .com" email address. Microsoft informs us it is a genuine hack of the email account & that the hackers still have access to the email account as of 8.39pm 2018-05-13. We still await action from Microsoft to secure the email account.

Since the breach we have taken Security Advice and done everything we can to secure all other online accounts.

We now post this public service announcement so that you are aware of the situation and you can take measures to protect yourself & your business from the hackers / scammers.

We should all assume that the hackers have all info contained within the "hawkersupplies @ outlook .com" email account so they may contact you using your name & possibly any previous information you have shared with Hawker Supplies Ltd, such as your order history.

Hawker Supplies Ltd would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this situation. No-one ever intends to get hacked, this situation has been a shock for our company & we intend through our public service announcement that we reduce any risk to our customers & partners. Any company's security is only as strong as it's weakest link. Now would be a good time to change & strengthen your passwords, set up multiple factor authentication and consider your company's security in general.

Best regards,
Lannon Hawker,
Hawker Supplies Ltd.

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