1x CAMO Face Mask Hunting Neck Gaiter Seamless Tube Bandana #01

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At HAWKER SUPPLIES LIMITED we are hunters too, we've been using these camo face masks for quite some time and love them! I don't go hunting even on a day trip without 1 or 2 of these. They are so light to carry in your pack you don't notice them, on hot days I use one as a face mask and wear a camo cap. If the temperature drops I use another one as a beanie or for extra warmth as a beanie under my camo cap.

If you've hunted with and without camo you know the huge difference it makes to stalking in on game.... but your camo is only as good as the coverage, your face may as well be a big white flag! You've got to cover it up with camo! Once you do you'll be amazed how close you can get to animals. I've had plenty of deer and goats just stand and stare at me rather than run away as they can't tell what I am when I'm fully camo... without camo they don't stare they just run!

Whether you're hunting with a bow, crossbow or rifle these realistic camo face masks will give you the edge!

I also use these out on the boat fishing and diving rather than sunscreen because when you're diving it's easy for sunscreen on your face to end up in your eyes and it stings like heck! Added bonus, no more windburn.

They give great protection from sunburn, sandflies, dust and wind.

As they are one size fits all they make a really thoughtful gift for anyone into the outdoors, hunting, fishing, bird watching etc.

Approx Dimensions:
25cm x 48cm

Package includes:

1 x Realistic Camouflage Patterned Face Mask #01

Please Note: Colours may appear different on different monitors.

Buy more than 1 face mask and pay only the one shipping cost!

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