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This 22lb beginner take-down recurve bow is well balanced, comfortable, accurate, simple, reliable & efficient. The 22lb draw weight gives good arrow speed while remaining easy enough to draw. The take-down design makes it convenient for packing to the archery range. This bow is a great option for a beginning archer getting into the sport!


- 70 inch length
- 22lb draw weight
- Warm wooden riser made of Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea & Beech hard woods
- Comfortable ergonomic grip
- Light weight and well balanced
- Maple laminated limbs faced with high strength fiberglass
- Includes the standard Inserts for accepting parts such as sights, stabilizer, plunger button etc.
- Arrow shelf allows for it to be used as a shelf shooter

Manufacturers Specifications:

Length: 70"
Draw Weight: 22lb @ 28" Draw Length
Hand: Right Hand (RH)
Riser Materials: Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea & Beech hard woods
Limb Materials: Maple & Fiberglass
Limb Colour: White or Black (depending on available stock)

Package includes:

1x Riser
2x Limbs
1x String

IMPORTANT: Bows should be sized to the shooter, ensure you purchase the correct bow for the shooter. An incorrectly sized bow can become overdrawn which can break the limbs possibly injuring the shooter.

NOTE: Always use a bow stringer to string this bow (bow stringer sold separately)

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