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This is a great Black Silicone Dive Mask & Flexible Snorkel combo that's very popular with our customers for Free Diving, Snorkeling, Spearfishing, Cray catching, Paua gathering etc. The large one piece lens is mint when spearfishing in low visibility water.

Black Silicon Dive Mask:

- Large one piece lens for a bigger view
- Frameless design for increased vision
- Black silicone cuts down glare & increases vision - a massive advantage!
- Fits most Adult face shapes
- Auto-clip buckle system - squeeze & pull
- Tempered glass lens for safety & crystal clear vision
- Watertight & comfortable edge sealing skirt
- Includes easily adjustable head strap with anti-slip strip
- Includes hard plastic Mask Box

Black Silicon Flexible Snorkel

- Black silicone for increased stealth while spearfishing
- Flexible design means you don't get caught up on kelp and rocks while freediving
- Easy to clear with a good bore size
- Streamlined form for less resistance through the water while free diving
- No purge valve - Great for spearfishing as it makes less noise underwater
- Roll up design makes it great for travel
- A great snorkel to put in your BCD pocket - Extra safety for a long time on the surface
- Excellent shape memory, the snorkel bends then springs back
- Includes Carry Case & snorkel to mask keeper

* 12 Month Warranty *

Package includes:
1x Dive Mask Style #05
1x Mask Box
1x Flexible Black Silicon Snorkel Style #01
1x Snorkel Case
1x Snorkel to mask keeper

Note: May or may not come with logo/s depending on available stock.

This item may suit people interested in: fishing abalone paua scuba snorkel snorkelling diving dive spear fishing pro spearfishing freediving free diving spearo hawker dive

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