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This is a great Flexible Black Silicone Snorkel that can be used for Free Diving, Spearfishing, Snorkelling etc. I've tested heaps and it's my personal favourite!

We've used this style of snorkel for heaps of spearfishing, cray catching and paua gathering missions. The flexibility means the snorkel doesn't get snagged on kelp, rocks, caves etc. which can be a real safety issue with hard plastic snorkels. The pre-angled soft silicone mouthpiece ensures that the snorkel is gentle on the mouth and jaw for a comfortable time in the water even after hours!

It also makes a great snorkel to put in your BCD pocket while scuba diving, if you've got a long swim to shore or the boatie doesn't spot you pop up just chuck your roll up snorkel in your mouth rather than wonder when your tank is going to run out of air!
- Black silicone for increased stealth while spearfishing
- Flexible design means you don't get caught up on kelp and rocks while freediving
- Easy to clear with a good bore size
- Streamlined form for less resistance through the water while free diving
- No purge valve - Great for spearfishing as it makes less noise underwater
- Roll up design makes it great for travel
- A great snorkel to put in your BCD pocket - Extra safety for a long time on the surface
- Excellent shape memory, the snorkel bends then springs back
- Includes Carry Case and snorkel to mask keeper
- 12 Month Warranty! 

Package includes:
1x Flexible Black Silicon Snorkel
1x Snorkel Case
1x Snorkel to mask keeper

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